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Saturday, June 25, 2022

SCOTUS Delivers Big Win in November!

Well, they sure snatched a loss from the jaws of victory.  Thank you, SCOTUS, the democratic national committee could not have done it better!  It's like your enemy lays down his weapons and says, "Hey, I'm good."  Talk about winning the battle but losing the war.

 According to an NBC News Poll, 63% of Americans do not want to overturn Roe v. Wade, while only 30% do, with 7% not sure.  That sounds like a clear majority to me, but hey, it's not about the majority right, it's about the law...right? 

Uh, not so sure on that one.  See, every year this is a new court that sits in October and scatters for speaking engagements in June.  Some of the faces may change but, the court is still the court, for that session.  So essentially, we've had 49 (count them, forty-nine) courts that left Roe v. Wade in place because of the precedence it set and the legality of its argument within the law.  Suddenly (in the blink of a Trump wink), it is critical to reverse this half-a-century old law RIGHT NOW.  It must be some kind of coincidence that it just happens to be when 1/3 of the court is seated with Trump appointees, two of which were illegally installed.  

How we got here means less than where we go from here.  First, when we are handed a blessing, take it and run.  So, six individuals from the Supreme Court gave 63% of this country the middle finger, now what do we do?  Give it back.  We ensure that every democratic voter gets their voice heard.  We drive our elderly and disabled to polls, we vote in the primaries and the general election in droves.  We send one voice that WE are unified and choose to say no to political corruption, racism and disrespect to minorities.  

Senator Rick Scott has established a republican platform that "sunsets" Social Security and Medicare, he doesn't even deny this.  Do you think they care about the average American's financial woes and struggles?  They are willing to tank all legislation that will enable us to dig ourselves out of the financial mess we are dealing with right now because they can pin it on Biden and the democrats.  Let me rephrase that, "They want this country to tank just so they can blame it on the democrats and get back into power."  What a sick bunch of individuals.

There have never been more reasons to solidify the democratic party.  We'd better unite this time, or we will forever be lost to an autocratic political system hates the poor that they helped create and a system that is led by the few.  I don't want to tell my grandchildren that we lost democracy because we were too lazy.  Let's take the American flag back and return it to the proud, the law-abiding Americans that is stands for, before it's too late.     


Insensitive Bastard 

Insensitive Bastard 

Be Well   

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

It's Election Sleezin'


It's that time again, election sleezin'.  That time honored part of year, during a mid-term race when you're going to be asked to donate to political campaigns.  You begin to get hammered on any and all social media platforms if you "can help" me defeat the other (parasite) candidate by giving me "whatever you can afford".  
Congratulations if you "can afford"! For me's food, shelter and medications that have occupied the majority off my asset portfolio.  Let's look at say Lauren Boebert's campaign and check-in to see how it's doing?  Uh, actually Colorado is investigating claims that she used inflated milage from campaigning to take donor money to pay off tax liens on her restaurant, okay maybe not a good example.  
So, Marjorie Tayor Greene has done pretty good for herself raising (2021 & 2022) almost 10 million for a congresswoman who thinks Jewish space lasers shot at the gazpacho police standing in a peach tree dish.  Matt Gaetz's biggest contributor is Babylon Bee which refers to itself as: "The Fake News You Can Trust"...uh o.k.a.y.
Paul Gossar who appears to be suffering the side effects from one or more psychotropic medications, has the American Dental Association for his number TWO contributor for some inexplicable reason.  Now Senator Rand Paul has raised 20 million dollars!  Republicans can't afford to lose any senate seat anywhere, so the GOP keeps an open money spigot for their senate incumbents. 
So, I've got to ask myself, do these people really need our money?  I mean, who wants to contribute to people who tried to overthrow our government, refuse to take away AR-15 type child slaughterers from 18 year olds who don't give a damn about human life, and those bastards who promise $35 insulin every time an election comes around and then never deliver.
Me, I'm just going to keep paying my bills the best I can, watch politicians on TV/computer lie like rugs, and pray to God we can keep this precious thing called Democracy in November and even past this next January 6th.     


Insensitive Bastard 

Insensitive Bastard 

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Friday, May 6, 2022

Sex, Lies & Madison (F'ing) Cawthorn


David Madison Cawthorn likes to wrap himself in the American flag, says he's for God, guns and justice, 1"He describes himself as a Christian and a constitutional conservative."  Wrapping yourself in the Christian flag though, comes with some responsibilities.

Among those responsibilities is not to have sex tapes come out in which you appear!  Listen, I'm what you would call a constitutional fundamentalist (fact based), but damn son, you is cra-cra.

When I saw on Twitter that you were involved in a video scandal, I thought it was last week's scandal. You've always got to one-up yourself though don't you?  This week you "allegedly" were seen in a video naked, dry humping another man's face.  This allegation (I saw this video before it was deleted) will certainly not endear you to the Christian Coalition of America group.  You must admit, considering you were only seen with men in these videos, it does not conform to the GOP platform of not even saying the word Gay.  Please stop videoing your sexcapades, you've already extended my therapy sessions for another year.  

I must give you credit though, to my knowledge, no other wheelchair-bound politician has ever been involved in (2) two sexually related incidents within two weeks!  Speaking from my pro-disability advocate position, the one group we didn't want to join was the "I'm a Christian so pay no attention to the man in the wheelchair with the crotchety dry humping videos" group.  Then there is a part of me that says, don't WE have the right to be just as sick and twisted as any Madison Cawthorn out there? 

What really bothers me though are the lies.  He allegedly lied about the 2accident the left him paralyzed, his rejection to the Naval Academy, allegations of sexual misconduct while at Patrick Henry College various other lies since becoming a representative of congress.  He spoke at the Stop The Steal Rally on 1/6 stating the false claim of election fraud, caught twice for driving with a revoked driver's license,  calls Zelensky a "thug", caught bringing a gun to the airport twice,  and alleged involvement in insider cryptocurrency trading scam.  Is this guy really a "representative" of North Carolina, I hope not. 

There are sources that put his net worth at around 49 million dollars, not bad for a 26-year-old.  Something tells me Daddy's done pretty good himself.  Well let's see what other trouble he can get into, during his finals days of congress, because if he can't be beat, no one can!                  


    Insensitive Bastard

    Insensitive Bastard

    Be Well   


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Sunday, April 24, 2022

Is The Democratic Party Is Too Old?


  • Joe Biden 78. Has stated he will run again in 2024
  • Nancy Pelosi 82. Running for re-election
  • Chuck Schumer 71. The ineffective Senate leader and "Spring Chicken"
  • Dianne Feinstein 88. Often confused around own clerks
  • Patrick Leahy 80. Assumed Office: January 3, 1975, I was 14 then, I'm now 62
This (above) will not get the vote out or win with young or middle-aged people.  Experience is one thing, not being able to give up the power and fame is another.  I'm sorry but I'm 62 years old and I am certainly not as sharp as I used to be.  This group has absolutely no appeal to anyone under 50.  You must generate excitement to get people to get to the polls!  The Dems need to promote youth, these people look old and tired. Honestly, they are the reason that Congress and especially the Senate are as clogged up as a grease trap at a restaurant that serves a fried chicken buffet. 

One of the worst perceptions put out there lately was Nancy Pelosi flip/flopping on the potential congressional stock trading ban.  Uh, we actually know what your salary is, it's publicly stated.  You and everyone else in congress either must have the best investment portfolio manager or the rest of us just don't get the insider...uh...nothing.  Being in their positions though, must be wonderful because Strom Thurmond served in the Senate for 48 years, in his 90s he was still running for office.  Can you imagine how great these jobs must be?

Whatever gets people to run for office is obviously beyond me.  They must crave the power, the fame, and the money.  It seems to me if we just removed everything but serving your constituents as the goal and removed the "side income" from politicians, we'd have leaders who were not only there for the right reason, but there for the purposes in which this government was designed.           

My dream is to have term limits:
  1. President two terms (remains the same)
  2. Senate three total no more than 18 years
  3. Congress no more than 20 total years
  4. Supreme Court 20 total years or 75 years old, whichever comes first   
There should be no "life-long" politicians.  They lose touch with the everyday struggles and real life as the rest of us know it.  I believe our founding fathers may have been a little naive at the time of the drafting of the constitution. They may have assumed that no one would take advantage of their offices the way they do now.  That document was very altruistic and envisioned to be a template for jurisprudence, now certain officials use if for "guidelines" on what can be stretched and twisted for their own purposes.  There is also a certain philosophy among leaders that we do not feed on our own.  There is a Jan. 6 Committee that is investigating who may have been attempting to overthrow our government. Now I'm no genius, but it seems after 471 days, someone might have asked/subpoenaed Donald Trump to appear, but again, who am I?               
*Don't get me started on the supreme court, they should be voted on during every presidential election, not just as a favor to a party or ticket.  Also, there needs to be some sort of oversight, to which there is none now. 

So, what do Dems do for sucess in the next two election cycles?  My thoughts:  
  1. Remind voters exactly what the Republicans have stood for lately, don't sit on your heels and act like a punch-drunk fighter
  2. Promote the ideals of the Democratic platform, equality in pay and opportunities for the middle and lower class.  Make the rich pay their fair share.   
  3. Promote the youth of this party, there are some very dynamic people here and they should be promoted into leadership positions!
For far too long the GOP has been louder and more focused on their message.  They are more unified (see the Senate voting record under Mitch McConnell) and therefore have mass appeal.  The progressive wing of the Democratic party initially sabotaged the Build Back Better Bill by infighting and challenging every single point until finally, there IS NO Build Back Better Bill (huge mistake).  The Republican party will repetitively pound a point, whether it's true or not, and the message will become "true" due to the nature of it being repeated so many times.  Then it becomes "true" in the minds of the electorate (see stolen election).  Democrats could use a similar tactic, but Pelosi and Schumer have been very ineffective at their unification efforts.  Bottom line, take on your opponent, "fight like Hell" remind the electorate of their lies.  

The Democratic platform has been splintered into progressives and the old guard.  A divided party has no chance in an election against a unified party.  Let's take Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema out of this equation because he stands for coal and is one of the most corrupt Senators ever, and I'm not real sure of what she stands for except corporate greed.  This party needs a platform period.  We've already seen the Republican platform which includes "sunsetting" social security and Medicare (Rick Scott, thanks for saying that out loud).  The Bible said that we would be judged by how we treat the least among us, no matter what religion this saying is attributed to, it is how a just society is judged.  We are headed to a place where there is only the wealthy and the poor. It is time to turn this around!  We are the people for the people, not just the rich or entitled.  

As far as leadership roles, there are some absolutely honest and dynamic people in this party if we would just listen to them.  I believe that if Ron DeSantis runs against an older version of Biden, democracy is done.  Kamala Harris needs to be on her own ticket running against other Dems for the party POTUS ticket.  Jamie Raskin needs to lead a new oversight committee to charge seated congressman/woman who attempt to usurp their constitutional responsibilities or parameters of office.  Cory Booker should be the senate democratic leader with Katie Porter as the congressional democratic leader.  Pete Buttigieg should be the Secretary of Veteran Affairs.              
  • Kamala Harris 57 @KamalaHarris
  • Jamie Raskin 59 @RepRaskin
  • Cory Booker 53 @SenBooker
  • Katie Porter 48 @RepKatiePorter
  • Pete Buttigieg 40 @SecretaryPete
So, for all of the sound and fury that the GOP/Fox News spouts, it should not be that hard to trounce their ideology of lie, deceive, contort and obfuscate the truth.  We need to bring the truth, the actual truth, and nothing but the truth back out into the light again.  Until truth is reintroduced into our national conscience, we will continue to struggle against the potential overthrow of a 246 year string of Democracy and freedom.    


Insensitive Bastard

Insensitive Bastard

Be Well      

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

An Open Apology to the Children


I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to the children of this country.  My generation, the generation before me and the generation after me have let you down in major ways.  I can only apologize for the people of the United States, although I’m sure, that at least parts of this apology are relevant to other countries and most members of this planet.  I sincerely hope that you do better than we have and are able to enjoy the same freedoms and unity that we once shared but have somehow taken for granted.      

We have failed to protect you from child predators.  Public Law 105-314-Oct. 30, 1998 (Protection of Children from Sexual Predators) should have been passed many years prior and we still fail to approve a sufficient budgetary support due to political wrangling and apathy.  According to UNICEF USA, there is child trafficking in all 50 states and most domestic trafficking victims are US citizens.  It’s time we make children’s safety a real priority in this country because they cannot protect themselves (see next paragraph).     

It's about the guns stupid!  Columbine, Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas and other school shootings have become common occurrences.  After each event, the politicians vow to change the laws but it is “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.  The gun lobbyist/NRA treat you like collateral damage of a Right, but in reality, your right to live should be above any group that demands they have the right to bear arms.  YOU are the future of this planet and should never be considered anything other than precious and proprietary.  Again, we have failed you and I am ashamed. 

We have failed to protect you from cages.  The Trump administration and policies driven by men like Stephen Miller have attempted to reduce you to mere chattel that ends up being a pawn in an anti-immigration effort.  You were helpless, you asked us for comfort, and we dumped you in a cage with nothing but a mylar blanket and the hope that someone who cared would advocate for you.  What a terrible way to treat you!  We even separated you from your parents and THAT is completely and totally unforgivable.

Right now, Russia has attempted to overrun Ukraine in an effort to take back what they say is their right to do.  Ukraine is a sovereign state and should not have to accept this attack.  Unfortunately, since some of you were born on the “wrong side” of a line on a map, NATO and the United States have failed to protect you due to fear.  Fear that “our” countries may experience the exact same slaughter that you are experiencing right now, make sense, Hell no!  We should protect all of the world’s children from these atrocities, not just some.

As role models go, we are complete crap.  This country has divided itself into Democrats and Republicans.  We are as close to a civil war now as you can be without actually firing at one another, wait, we’ve already done that.  We can’t even settle disputes like you would in a sandbox over a shared toy.  Our elected officials are only about power, not you or any of the other people that vote them into office.  Protection of you is not their main concern (not everyone, just most people), though it should be.  If we lowered the voting age, that might change some minds.

Protecting the planet we live on, the only planet we live on, SHOULD be a top priority for everyone on this planet, but clearly is it not.  Coal and oil industry people have ridden the unsustainable gravy train for far too long.  Solar and wind technologies need to be implemented immediately if we are to have any chance for survival.  We need to agree as a planet that we have taken it for granted and now must immediately reverse the policies and damages we have inflicted on her.  One day I hope that you will enjoy the planet and it’s resources the way we used to. 

Finally, I pray that you may find it in your hearts one day to forgive us.  The history books will certainly not be kind and they have no reason to be.  In families as in generations, your hope is to leave those that come after you in a better place, and I’m afraid we’ve absolutely let you all down here.  YOU carry our names, our hopes and our dreams with you and I wish all of you nothing but happiness and contentment.  I remember as a child hoping for these things, and they are very hard to achieve.  I also wish you love, it tends to heal all things, if nothing else, try to remember that. 


Insensitive Bastard

Insensitive Bastard

Be Well                            

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Putin Cocktail


Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend the devastation and destruction one man can inflict on society(s) but in the case of Vladimir Putin, his only equal in recent times is Adolf Hitler.  Sure, there have been others that rank close (Zedong, Stalin, Pot et al.), but for world changers, I believe these two stand alone.  I also believe that history will adjoin them and their last names forever as the worst humans ever to exist on this planet.  How do people become such terrible human beings; I believe there is a recipe for this cock-tale.


NARCISSISM:  Mix two parts narcissism, this smokey self-indulgent ingredient will provide the indisputable trait that you are the only person in the world that matters. 

LIES:  Mix three parts lies.  This may be the hardest part to swallow but it’s an acquired taste.  Once you get used to it, they will just flow down very easily.        

POWER:  Mix two parts power, remember you must get and deserve the ultimate power over countries and citizens.  This will enable you to rule in the absolute.     

PARANOIA:  Mix one part paranoia.  You can’t have this level of power without the paranoia that everyone around you is out to get you.  This is a fact…they are.

BITTERS:  Use a generous helping of bitters.  This is the last taste of the cocktail.  As you sip the rest, the bitters will come at the end, as you are destined to ultimately die for your sins. 

*Add ice, you will need to be as cold as possible, to a shaker.  Add the narcissism, lies, power, paranoia and lastly the bitters.  Shake like your life depends on it (it does) and serve over more ice in a shot glass shaped like a skull.  Garnish with your soul, you won’t need it anymore.  Drink right before bedtime as this may be the last time you get any rest.

If you DO witness this recipe being mixed at any place at any time, run to your nearest voting booth and quickly pull the lever for the OTHER candidate.  You know, I think I’ve seen this recipe before, but I just can’t remember who it was (insert pic of Trump here).

Remember this, dictators don’t just become dictators, they evolve over time.  They slowly lie to you over time and convince you that they best thing you can do is support them.  Then when they have you, you are under their total control.  Now that you are in their cult, you realize that EVERYONE else is wrong.  Despite what you are actually seeing with your own eyes, you defer to what your new God is telling you.  After all, he is never wrong…right? 

It is important to him that he unifies his followers, then it is time to attack anyone with a difference of opinion.  All other opinions are just plain wrong.  There is no room anymore for critical thought discovery, all commands come from the Great One. 

Okay now it’s time to gather the masses and inflict as much pain as possible on “the other side”.  Even though they are your friends and neighbors, YOU MUST DESTROY THEM for the greater good.  The government, you just take that over, it is justified because they believe in unjustifiable causes like freedom, and everyone is created equal. 

You’re almost there now, as you have exulted this human piece of excrement to a level of which he is entitled to be.  Before you know it though, all of your rights have been taken away and he is the one and only ruler of the land.  HEY, I helped you get elected!  Awww, you forgot about the narcissism, didn’t you?  Well enjoy your time in servitude.  After all, you can’t really complain about that which you helped create. 

Hope to see ya at the voting booth in November!   

Thursday, February 24, 2022




Read:   HANDI-CRAPPED   Based upon a true story-

Plenty of us get up in the morning and put one leg on at a time.  We pull ourselves into wheelchairs or fight to dress with prosthetic hands or arms.  It's a struggle but we get it done just like you would if you had to.  We don't ask for special treatment because really, we just want to be considered normal.  

I may have had part of my leg amputated but other than a few emotional scars, I still have my life experiences, I still have a sarcastic sense of humor, and I do have some people that love me.  We've all got problems, one of mine may just be a little more obvious to your eye.  

See, my friends and I are in our sixties now, and had you known me when I was 20, you'd have bet dollars to donuts that I wouldn't have made it to 30.  Quite crazy as a youth, it took a lot of mistakes and at lot of scars to have become the man standing in front of you.  We all gather scars and problems along the way if you're lucky enough to reach my age.  The baggage may seem to get a little heavy at times but if you learn how to carry it right, it's manageable. 

Now I'm not sure who coined the term Handi-Capable, but it wasn't me.  This phrase does, however, bring a smile to my face every time I hear it.  The book HANDI-"CRAPPED"; refers more to the medical system that we find ourselves in upon entering a hospital and having very little say about our own treatment unless we really advocate for ourselves.  HANDI-"CAPABLE" is the condition I find myself in now that I have adapted to my new-normal.

With my prosthetic leg, I certainly look fairly normal (no jokes from my friends) with pants on and walk with only a slight limp.  I try to avoid stairs and escalators are a bit scary but for the most part I feel normal.  I know that everyone I've worked with would say, "He gets along pretty good, he's an amputee you know".  Even now when I'm filling out forms or applications it is hard to check the box that says, "Disabled", because most of the time I don't feel that way.

I don't pretend to know how others handle the "handle" of being disabled because there are so many types of disabilities and even more ways to deal with them.  There are mental, sight, hearing, limb loss and many other disabilities.  How you judge disabilities or rank them is completely up to you, how treat people with them is critical (to us).  We fight every single day to be viewed as normal because our employers, our pay and our self-respect depends on it.   

Imagine if people with anxiety issues had a sign above their head that said ANXIETY.  That may sound strange but exactly how would you treat them, would you treat them different?  Would you hire them, would you sit next to them on a bus?  There are no physical reminders or outward appearance of many disabilities, but they are still there.  I'm sure there are plenty of mental disabilities that people would trade places with me for, if they could get rid of theirs.

So, I guess what I'm asking for is to be treated as a normal person.  I didn't lose my sense of humor; I laugh at a lot of things you do.  My mind is clear (again, no jokes from my friends) and I will appreciate you treating me normal more than you will ever know.  I remember what it felt like to seem normal to you, but I still had issues with my own vulnerabilities within my own mind.  Am I too loud, large, scary etc., those didn't go away, I was just able to put them in a shelf further back in the pantry lol.   


Insensitive Bastard

Insensitive Bastard

Be Well            




SCOTUS Delivers Big Win in November!

Well, they sure snatched a loss from the jaws of victory.  Thank you, SCOTUS, the democratic national committee could not have done it bette...